ReadyNAS Setup

FrotView setup
Download the latest version:
After installation by frontview, the web access ini file needs to add the client ip address
The service start script is:
The launch command is:cd /media/Mldonkey/.mldonkey/
/usr/local/mldonkey/mlnet -pid /media/Mldonkey/.mldonkey/ -find_port&

Go to Mldonkey web interface, Help tab and then click on Sysinfo. Open all ports at your router.
BitTorrent 6882 client_port TCP
BitTorrent 6881 tracker_port TCP
Core 4080 http_port
Core 4000 telnet_port
Core 4001 gui_port
Donkey 19248 client_port TCP
Donkey 19252 client_port UDP
Donkey 12647 overnet_port TCP+UDP

If it crashes a lot, need to restrict the number of active connection from default 100 to 50.
max_opened_connections 50