ReadyNAS Setup

FrotView setup
Download the latest version:
After installation by frontview, the web access ini file needs to add the client ip address
The service start script is:
The launch command is:cd /media/Mldonkey/.mldonkey/
/usr/local/mldonkey/mlnet -pid /media/Mldonkey/.mldonkey/ -find_port&

Go to Mldonkey web interface, Help tab and then click on Sysinfo. Open all ports at your router.
BitTorrent 6882 client_port TCP
BitTorrent 6881 tracker_port TCP
Core 4080 http_port
Core 4000 telnet_port
Core 4001 gui_port
Donkey 19248 client_port TCP
Donkey 19252 client_port UDP
Donkey 12647 overnet_port TCP+UDP

If it crashes a lot, need to restrict the number of active connection from default 100 to 50.
max_opened_connections 50

Aspire One LINPUS Desktop Advance mode

To open a terminal
alt + F2; or go to File Manager > File > Terminal.
To get the Xfce Settings Manager.
Then go to >Desktop > Behavior tab > Show desktop menu on right click
To remove and to add new desktop shortcuts.
To find out CPU speed (peopel repoted that fan is always on, after BIOS was upgrated to V3114)
grep ‘cpu MHz’ /proc/cpuinfo
backup BIOS
This will dump the BIOS to the file BIOS3xxx.FD and won’t nag about a missing AC adapter. Please replace the 3xxx with your bios version. You can find it on the Setup information screen when you press F2 on bootup.