Error Deploy to Azure

After successfully deploy an app to my own web hosting site (IIS) , I tried to do it again to Microsoft Azure, but got this strange error message from Visual Studio at the end of running the publish wizard.
Sequence contains more than one matching element
It turns out that if you have switched your publish targets or if you have manually updated/removed settings from your .lsxtproj or .lsproj for previous version of lightswitch, you need to manually update the setting of “.lsxtproj”



Deploy to Azure error

Deploy to Azure error

How to change SQL Server to be case sensitive

The default COLLATE in SQL Server is “Latin1_GENERAL_CI_AS”, which means it’s Case Insensitive and Accent Sensitive. There are cases that you want to be case sensitive while doing a join, compare a value etc. There two ways to accomplish it.

    It will change the whole db to this collate. Need to back the db and all that.
  • AA left join BB on AA.Fobkey = BB.Fobkey COLLATE Latin1_GENERAL_CS_AS
    The collate only apply to this operation. There are cases that you have no control of the collate of the whole database, then it’s the only option you have.