Online Data Storage

Since my blog web host (the account is for free right now) does not allow upload file size greater than 500K or any mp3 files, I have to find an online alternative. The following are the free services I checked out.

  • OpenDrive
    space: 5G (free), additional 5G/year for $5.
    bandwidth: 1G/day; additional 5G/day for $5.
    faily new to the game. Easy to use, I used it of my mp3.
  • Dropbox
    space: 2G (free)
    The company is only one year old, run by some MIT grads. They have 17 staffs, most of them were born in 80’s. They got some pretty good reviews from big media like PC Word. They use Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) as backend, features are good for online collaboration, data backup and file sharing. Definitely will try it out later.
  • Mozy
    space: 2G (free) at $4.95 a month for unlimited storage
    Only data archive and backup no file sharing.
    Recommended by lots of people from internet, but I have not had chance to try it out. Unfortunately, it is not an option for my blog.
  • Jungle Disk
    space: 5G (free) then 15 cent/G. $2/month
    bandwidth: unlimited
    Also Amazon S3 based, but right now it’s backup only, no file sharing. Not an option for my blog to use.