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No wonder 9.3/10 from IMDB , Dexter is sure fun to watch and the music stays in my mind just like the theme song from the X-file.

Tonight’s The Night (By: Michael C. Hall aka Dexter)
Dexter Main Title. (By: Rolfe Kent)
Wink (By: Daniel Licht)
Astor’s Birthday Party (By: Daniel Licht)
Epilogue – Bloodroom (By: Daniel Licht)
Blood Theme (By: Daniel Licht)
Some interesting Spanish songs:
Conoci La Paz (By: Beny Moré)
Flores Para Ti (By: Raw Artistic Soul Feat. Rafael Cortez)
Perfidia(By: Mambo All-Stars)

The Man from Earth

Thought it might be a sci-fiction by looking at the movie post, but it is more than that. It’s been a really long time since I saw a movie that captured me that much. There is nothing but conversation. a caveman 14,000 years ago, and never died? the introducing part is a little bit too much, totally speaking it is a movie worth your 80 minutes. going to recommend to my friends.

Man from earth

Man from earth