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Quality Control Sample Retention

A printed circuit board manufacturer needs to have a better control of their QC sample retention process. The proposed management system enables QC operators and supervisors to be able to use a website (silverlight web app) to control the whole process. It also has a simple yet effective user authentication/authorization system built in.

Technical Details:

  • Lightswitch, a data-centric business RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework based on Silverlight
  • Data model created from the back end SQL server database automatically got reflected to the user interface layer and business logic layer. It includes field name, foreign key constraints, table relationship, etc.
  • XAML user interface design
  • Customer PrintDocument silverlight user control
  • Silverlight Runtime is required, download it from Microsoft website if it’s not installed in your computer
  • Test user name: Supervisor; password: 1234
    Test user name MS Operator; password 123

QC Retention

Process Environment Monitor

A company making printed circuit board needs to have a better control of their process environment ie, temperature, humidity. Currently the frontend of the system is in Excel chart. The issues with this approach is that end user has to have same version of Excel installed, the deployment/maintenance is further complicated by the fact that database connection string is somewhere outside the Excel file.

The proposed plan is to use website to present the data/charts. It can not only delivery a better user experience but also make maintenance and further improvement much easier.

Technical Details:

  • Silverlight and WCF web service
  • MVVM design pattern, clear separation of presentation and business logic.
  • XAML user interface design;
  • Customer PrintDocument control; Chart control; Calendar control
  • Silverlight Navigation Application
  • Silverlight Runtime is required, download it from Microsoft website if it’s not installed in your computer


Jenny Li Learning Center

This is a referral from one of my client. It is an after school program for kids who are keen to learn creative art, cartooning and storyboard etc.

Basically what they want is a place where they can post new events; add/update class and give parents general introduction to all teachers. The most import part is to be able to showcase all the rewards that students accumulated from those past sessions.

Technical Details:

  • Orchard Content Management System; ASP.Net MVC
  • Customer modules to present specific client requirements
  • JWPlayer for HTML5/Flash video
  • Facebook and Twitter module; Bing Map module
  • ImageGallery was used for displaying pictures with lightbox effect
  • Customized the stock theme to reflect learning center’s artistic natural

jenny frontpage

Sugar Peony

A wedding cake shop located at the heart of Toronto needs an online store. A friend introduced the store owner to me. After some discussion I found it an interesting site to build and good opportunity to put my ASP.Net and database skills to a real test.
Technical Details:

  • SQL server as backend data storage
  • Stored Procedures are used as data access layer
  • ADO.NET data tables are the container to be passed from DAL to BLL and presentation layer
  • Linq to SQL was used for quick access all Non-product info
  • Web forms with CSS layout
  • MS user profile provider for user control
  • Google map API
  • PayPal payment API
  • Lightbox effect using AJAX
  • XML for simple data storage like delivery cost by area

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