Add a lookup entry in local DNS

After you enter a web address, Windows OS will search a local DNS to find out corresponding IP address. If it could not find it there, it will go to DNS server to search for it. Old days people used to add those often visited addresses to a local DNS file to seep up the Internet surfing experience. Currently with hi peed Internet connection, the practice will not yield any noticeable difference. However, if you have a intranet and you want to go to internal address by calling its external address, that is the way to go.
To edit your local DNS lookup file, go to
Using a text editor like notepad to open the file hosts
Add an entry at the bottom with two information: the IP address and the customized domain name, separated by a single space.

This works in both windows xp and windows 7. In Win7 you might need to copy the file to another location get it edited and then pasted it back due to the stringent user control.